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Receiving and delivery

Taking care of cargo

Napier Port works with you to make sure your cargo is moved as efficiently as possible. Here’s all the information you need about receiving and delivery at the port.

Our Western Gatehouse team deals with the final stages of pick-up or delivery at the container terminal. If your questions are not answered below, they’re a helpful point of contact. Get in touch with them at westg@napierport.co.nz.

If you are delivering an export container to Napier Port, you need to pre-advise us through our Export Portal. This is also known as the Community Access Portal (CAP).

Our Import Portal allows transport operators to organise containers, prior to collection. You’ll need to register to use the Import Portal, which you can do here.

Once you’ve registered, you can log in here.

Please contact your shipping line for information about load list and delivery cut-offs for Napier Port’s container terminal.

Napier Port has a web-based vehicle booking system (VBS), which allows transport operators to book timeslots for container delivery and pick-up.

With increasing cargo volumes, the vehicle booking system helps us to manage terminal capacity and demand efficiently, ensure turnaround times are as fast as possible, and reduce the potential for congestion during the peak export season.

We’ve put together a series of videos about Napier Port’s vehicle booking system here.

You can register as a VBS user here.

Once you’ve registered, you can log in here.

If you have any questions about using VBS, please email the team: VBSPlanner@napierport.co.nz

Storage fees (or demurrage) apply to full export and import containers that have been on port longer than their initial free days, and to all empty export or import containers.

Full export storage

Day of Deposit + 2 days: Free
Day 4 – Day 7: $5.00 per TEU per day
Day 8 onwards: $30.00 per TEU per day

Empty export storage

Empty export containers: $1.40 per TEU per day (no free days)

Full import storage

Day of Discharge + 3 days: Free
Day 4 onwards: $80.00 per TEU per day

Please note:  Sunday and public holidays are currently excluded.  This will change if receiving and delivery services are offered seven days a week, 365 days a year in future.

Import storage will be collected as per consignee via import manifest, without exception.

Empty import storage

Empty import containers: $1.40 per TEU per day (no free days)

No cargo will be loaded for export without a Customs Export Delivery Order (CEDO). All export entries must be lodged electronically by exporters. For further information, please visit the Customs website.

For all queries relating to breakbulk cargo, contact the General Cargo team on (06) 833 4435 or generalcargo@napierport.co.nz.

Handy guides

Export Portal Guide

Export Portal Guide

Import Portal Guide

Import Portal Guide

Vehicle Booking System Guide

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