Cultural Significance

Understanding the Bay’s cultural significance

Te Matau a Māui (or Hawke Bay) contains taonga of significant cultural value to local mana whenua, including Pania Reef and Moremore Maitaitai Reserve at Tangoio.

At the start of our project, we identified mana whenua as key stakeholders in the project and with help from Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated, set about engaging kanohi ki te kanohi (face-to-face) with hapū representatives.

Ngāti Pārau, Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust and Mana Ahuriri Trust all have a strong relationship with the area surrounding Napier Port. We engaged directly with all three entities, as well as presenting to other Māori organisations. As the project progressed, we kept key hapū groups fully informed, giving access to relevant studies as they were completed to help inform their views.

Ngāti Pārau hapū, who whakapapa back to Pania (of the reef), was nominated to facilitate a Cultural Impact Assessment. This is included in the studies forming part of the applications. You can read the full assessment here.

Marine Cultural Health Programme

We’re now working with a komiti of representatives from different marae, hapū and mana whenua entities within the 6 Wharf development area to develop a Marine Cultural Health Programme.

The purpose of the programme is to protect, monitor and assess the cultural health of the marine environment, in particular Pania Reef, during the 6 Wharf development and beyond. We’re currently developing a website for the programme and will begin monitoring in early 2020.

Above: The Mana Whenua Steering Komiti. 

Cultural Impact Assessment